Q: Which countries can I purchase the goods in?

As of December 2023, we only sell and ship within the European Union and the United States. We are looking to expand our selection of supported geographies in early 2024: in case you would like to get your country to the list of supported countries, please feel free to send an open email letting us know to shopsupport@fingersoft.com and we’ll do our best to support it soon!

Q: Can I get a new product if my order is faulty?

Absolutely! If your order is visually or mechanically faulty upon receival, you will receive a new product. In this case, we ask you to reach out to shopsupport@fingersoft.com and let us know of your issue within 14 days of receiving the package — please note that you will not have to return the product to the return address, but you will have to send at least two clear pictures of the fault/defect on the product with your request email. Please note that the items must not have been worn or used, and each item will be thoroughly inspected before issuing a refund. In case of such a defect on a product, we will send you a new product and will cover the shipping charges on that.

Q: Is there a general refund policy?

We accept general returns, though we’d like to remind you that every product we sell is created specifically for you after the order has been fulfilled. The reason for this is that we do not want to contribute to environmental waste with unused items, and therefore hope that every item we ship will find a happy owner who will use the product.

In case you still want to return your order, we kindly ask you to write to shopsupport@fingersoft.com within 14 days from the date of receiving your order to your address, and inform us of your desire to return the product. Please add the following information to your return information email:

  1. Your name
  2. Your order ID
  3. Your reason for returning the product.

After you’ve sent the email, please repackage the item carefully and send it to the return address specified in the original package you received the goods in within 14 days of receiving the item to your address. The return recipient will conduct a thorough evaluation of the condition of the item, and if it is deemed to be unused and in good condition, we will send an immediate full refund to your credit card. 

Unfortunately, our systems do not allow us to cover the shipping cost of your return, but we will fully refund the original shipping cost you paid to receive your item.

Q: Can I exchange my order for another item or change the product size?

Unfortunately, our systems do not allow exchanging items. However, in most cases, we do support a return and reorder: for example, if your shirt is the wrong size, you can reach out to shopsupport@fingersoft.com and let us know you’d like to switch your product to another size within 14 days of receiving the original product to your delivery address. In this case, we ask you to return the product to the return address specified in the package, and you will receive the same product with your preferred size.

Q: Are the goods sold here REALLY Fingersoft’s official Hill Climb Racing products?

Yes indeed, as authentic as the games! Every product has been designed and verified by Fingersoft’s artists — the very same people who create the Hill Climb Racing games, that is. Fingersoft is also the sole merchant, though we’re creating the products and handling shipping via our partner Printful.